Glasgow's Stories of Gambling Harms and Recovery

What’s at Stake is a creative arts project facilitated by Recollective and commissioned by Glasgow City HSCP and Public Health Scotland to co-create a collection of fully anonymised composite stories that reflect the realities and experiences of gambling exposure, participation, risks and harms for people in Glasgow. These stories reflect individual experiences and have been told from different perspectives and do not represent the experiences of all people or communities impacted by gambling harms in Glasgow.  Recollective is an artist collective made up of writer, Alison Irvine, illustrator, Mitch Miller and photographer and filmmaker, Chris Leslie.   For the project, Alison and Mitch interviewed people with experience of gambling harms who shared their stories with honesty and bravery. Recollective is grateful to the participants of the project as well as the community organisations in and around Glasgow who supported and assisted the artists. 


These stories are based on real people’s stories and have been told to us by people with lived experience of gambling harms…
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These five pieces of visual journalism were created by Mitch Miller from conversations with those recovering from gambling harm…

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If you feel affected by any of the topics discussed, we encourage you to seek support by talking to a trusted person about how you are feeling….

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