How we will use your story

We will read every story submitted to our website. This will help us build a picture of how people experience gambling harm and the steps that can be taken to recover from it.

We may contact you if we would like to use the material you provided in our work, or would like to explore your story further. Your identity and contact details will not be made public or shared with any third parties.

How it will help others

We hope to gain a better understanding of gambling harms, of how people experience gambling harms and of the steps that can be taken to recover from them.

Using material like this, we will create a series of written and visual creative works that highlight gambling harms and can be used by health workers, educators and the public to raise awareness and discussion of these issues. The material we collect and create will be used in health promotion activities.

    Your information will be used exclusively for the What's At Stake project. We will not share your details with any third parties. If you prefer not to be contacted again after your answer the questions please check the box 'I prefer not to be contacted'.